Mouth-watering Angus Beef

If you’re looking for flavorful, succulent beef cuts that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and make any meal something special, then look no further than our delicious selection of premium beef cuts. Whether you opt for ribeye steaks, sirloin roasts, or juicy hamburgers, each cut is of the highest quality and cooked to perfection every time.

We will will help you select the perfect cut for your needs—whether it’s a lean sirloin roast for Sunday dinner or a tenderfilet mignon steak for a romantic evening in. We strive to bring you the most delicious beef available on the market without sacrificing sustainability or ethics.

Buying A Whole, Half or Quarter Steer?

All of our beef is processed under a full USDA inspection and vacuum seal packaged.

$5.25 a lb total (Includes all processing fees)

* Pricing for a whole, half, or quarter is all based on the animal’s exact hanging weight.

Whole Steer

(800-900 lbs)

Half of Steer

(400-450 lbs)

Quarter of Steer

(200-225 lbs)

Steak Cuts

Chuck Steak


Chuck Eye Steak


Denver Steak


Sirloin Tip Steak


Sirloin Steak


Rib Steak




Strip Steak


Delmonico Steak 

(Boneless Ribeye)


Tenderloin Steak


Roasting Cuts

Chuck Roast


Rump Roast




Tri Tip


Striploin Roast


Prime Rib


Whole Tenderloin


Ground Beef

1 LB Bulk Ground Beef


1/4 lb Burger Patties


1/2 lb Burger Patties