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Our mission is to provide only the highest quality beef possible

Quality Angus Beef in Wyoming, NY

Our goal is to offer up a “farm to table” alternative for the highest quality, angus beef, all grown and raised in New York State on a local family owned cattle farm. Our life’s work is raising cattle and we are fully dedicated to providing you with an exceptional product, and we will continue our efforts to improve the quality of life not only of our cattle, but for all people involved in the production, processing and distribution of our beef. We are proud of our cattle, and we believe that you will be too.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide only the highest quality beef possible. We do that by utilizing select bulls on our cows that genetically excel in growth and carcass quality. Big Bend Cattle Co. raises all of our calves from start to finish while promoting sustainable, ecological farming and agricultural practices.


Big Bend Cattle Co., located in the small town of Wyoming, New York, operates a commercial and registered Angus cow-calf herd. After our calves are weaned we do not send our calves out to a grower for finishing. We keep every calf on farm and raise them from start to finish. Our calves are turned out to pasture and raised on high quality
grasses and legumes in the summer months, while also getting excess to getting maximum quality harvested forages and silage that we all grow, in addition to grazing on pasture. This helps developed muscle growth and frame size, once the calves reach 800-900 lbs they are then transitioned into the feedlot where they are fed a TMR (Total Mixed Ration) that is a balanced diet including of grains, forages, and silage that finish them till 1,400-1,500lbs making the highest quality beef giving it superb marbling, tenderness and juiciness that makes the beef exceptionally tasty! We have a passion for sustainable agriculture and doing what we love, which is raising cattle. We are committed to raising our cattle in a safe low stress handling way that is beneficial to not only our cows and calves but also the environment and land we farm to grow the feed it takes to raise the cattle.

Enjoy Fine Dining Beef at Home

The American cattle industry has experienced long-term changes that have impacted its core values, production systems, and financial returns. It has always been shaped by the way it responds to opportunities and challenges. The decline in calf prices following record-highs fueled by a supply chain starved for numbers due to drought liquidation
was the catalyst for marketers expanding their operations. At Big Bend Cattle Co, our mission is to provide you and your family with quality, nutritious beef. We achieve this by treating our animals humanely, feeding them all high quality feeds that we grow ourselves, and allowing them to graze freely in the never ending pastures of Wyoming. These practices allow us to produce a wholesome product with exceptional taste and tenderness at a fair price.

We are proud of our prime Angus retail cuts because they are the pinnacle of beefy perfection! Our Angus cattle are raised on our own pastures in a stress free environment that promotes growth and health. Their meat is tender and flavorful with great marbling due to their exposure to grass & pasture on top of being fed a Total mixed ration full of grains, forages, and silage allowing them a perfectly balanced diet. Our beef is 100% Angus, hormone free and grain finished. We offer a variety of cuts including steaks, roasts and ground beef. If you would like something that is not listed on our website please contact us to see what is available at the time or if there are additional costs involved with custom orders.

All Locally Raised Angus Beef

Enjoy natural, flavor filled beef from a family farm of born and raised cattle that are fed on grass and our own harvested  forages, silage, and grains. Choose Big Bend Cattle Co. for your next home cooked meal.

New York’s Finest Locally Raised Angus Beef

Our beef is raised naturally, with no antibiotics or hormones, and contains no artificial ingredients. We are passionate about offering customers a healthy tender and juicy product with great marbling creating exceptional taste.